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The Sqair Front View

The Sqair

Get the most cost-effective air purifier in the world. The Sqair cleans 430 sqft in under 30 minutes!

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Blast & Blast Mini FFU Air Purifiers

The Blasts

Stronger fans, bigger air filters and faster clean air. If you’re looking to clean a larger area, check out the powerful yet quiet Blast air filters. Equipped with H13 medical grade HEPA filter, the Blast air filters remove 99.97% of harmful particles. With the Blast air filters you can be sure you breathe safe!

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DIY1.1 HEPA Filter

HEPA filters

HEPA filters are what trap small particles like PM 2.5, bacteria and viruses, and they’re not expensive! We’ve tested hundreds of different types, and get ours straight from the factory so we can pass the savings on to you.

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Free education and data on air pollution


We think if more people knew about air pollution and how air purifiers work, they’d think twice about paying big bucks for clean air. Check out the Smart Air blog, attend a Smart Air workshop, or:

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Smart Air in the news


Smart Air BBC News

“A group of American expats in Beijing have come up with a novel solution for making indoor air purifiers affordable to everyone. The budget innovation has caught the imagination among residents who battle high levels of air pollution every day.”

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Smart Air Forbes

“Talhelm’s research suggests the air filter starts to lose its efficiency after three months. But, at about $15 a HEPA, that’s a lot of savings over big international brands like Philips with comparable results.”

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Smart Air CCTV

“They’re very creative. They have found an easy way that people can accept. I think the price is the key point. It’s so cheap. It attracts normal people like me to come and listen, and then buy it.”

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Smart Air Bloomberg

“Using a HEPA filter strapped to a simple flat-surfaced fan, he found that the device reduced indoor levels of PM 0.5 by 84 percent and indoor levels of PM 2.5 by 92 percent. When he tested a more powerful rotating fan, the results were even better.”

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