Air Purifiers for Embassies

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Purifiers for embassies and consulates

Smart Air purifiers are proven, effective air purifiers with international certifications. Our purifiers are used by embassies around the world to keep embassy workers safe from air pollution in the country they work.

Smart Air has been helping embassies breathe clean air since 2014.

Our HEPA Air Purifiers Protect Embassies From Viruses, Pollution and Dust

Blast Mini

From 45,000.00

Quiet design with 585m3/hr CADR for embassy and consulate rooms up to 85m² (915 sq ft).


From ৳ 65,000.00

890m3/hr CADR for larger embassy spaces, up to 130m² (1400 sq ft).

Rugged, Durable Designs for Long-Term Clean Air

Smart Air purifiers are designed to last. We offer 2 years’ warranty use only high-grade components. If you choose Smart Air, rest assured you will never need to worry about polluted air again.

Reduce COVID-19 Transmission In Your Embassy

Data from the CDC shows that HEPA filter air purifiers like Smart Air’s lower the spread of COVID-19.

Protect embassy workers today with our simple, data-backed HEPA air purifiers.

Why Choose Smart Air

Our focus is on creating the most effective air purifiers driven by data and at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

We believe everyone deserves to breathe clean air.

Advantages of Smart Air Purifiers



Energy-efficient Design
99% non-plastic packaging


Certified B-Corp & Social Enterprise


Embassies in Bangladesh Breathing Smart Air

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    Smart Air low cost purifiers

    Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

    Certified B-Corp air purifier company