AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor


The AirVisual Pro is an air quality monitor that provides realtime PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity readings with a large on-screen display. It has been performance-tested by Smart Air, view our results here.

The world’s smartest air quality monitor

The first step to improving the air we breathe is knowing what we breathe. An air quality monitor gives you this information, allowing you to take back control of the air you breathe.

Why is Smart Air selling the AirVisual Pro?

We tested 3 different particle counters at Smart Air to find out which one we thought would be best for home users. We spent 2 months testing these devices, and after seeing the results we decided to start shipping the AirVisual Pro. You can read about it and see our tests results in our particle counter comparison blog post.
comparison of air quality monitors AirVisual Node Pro, Dylos and Laser Egg

More about the AirVisual Pro

The AirVisual Pro measures PM2.5, CO2, humidity and temperature. We’ve shown that only ridiculously high levels of CO2 are a risk to your health, so why measure CO2? The answer is: it can give an indication of room confinement and hence the build up of potentially more harmful gases like VOCs.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 measurement

AirVisual Pro Tech Specs

AirVisual Pro Air Quality monitor tech specs


Shipping options:

We can ship the AirVisual Pro across China and to Hong Kong only at this point.


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