Share Clean Air and Get a Free Filter: T&Cs

Terms and Conditions

Duration: the ‘Share the Air’ promotion will last from April 20th through May 22nd.

How it works:

  1. Your friend grabs a purifier or 1 year HEPA pack through our website, Taobao or Weidian store.
  2. Once done, you then buy a HEPA filter or any other item through our store. When checking out, write the order number of your friend’s order and their name/email address or phone number into the ‘comments’ section.
  3. After you’ve paid, we will verify your friend’s order number and name, then pay back the amount based on your friend’s order to you account, within 3 working days.

What’s the exact money off I can get?

  • If your friend buys a DIY 1.1, Cannon or any 1-year HEPA pack, you will receive a free DIY or Cannon HEPA filter (or we can put the 75RMB towards another order).
  • If your friend purchases a Blast or Blast Mini, you will receive 130RMB to put towards an order on our store.
  • You must claim your HEPA(s) or redeem any store credit you have in one order. For example, if you had two friends order Blasts, and you have 260 RMB in credit, you need to spend the entire 260RMB in one order.

Purchasing Multiple Purifiers in an Order: 

This deal applies to all purifiers in your friend’s order. For example, if your friend buys 2 DIYs and a Blast Mini, and lists you as the referral, you will receive 2 free DIY HEPAs and 130RMB towards your next order!



If you are making the referral…

You can refer as many people as you want to purchase a purifier. If you find 10 people to buy 10 DIYs, we’ll give you 10 free HEPAs. The more we share the knowledge, the better!

If you are being referred…

You can only list one person per order as your referrer (even if many friends recommended Smart Air!).


Claiming your free HEPA filter or store credit:


  1. When your friend purchases a purifier he/she must include your ID for the purchasing platform you ordered on in the ‘comment’ section of the order. He/she must also give you his/her order number. You will need to this order number to claim your free HEPA or credit.
  2. When placing an order for your HEPA filter, list your friend’s order number in the ‘comments’ section of the order. Complete the payment for your HEPA filter. We will refund your payment within 3 to 5 working days.



Both your friend’s and your order must be made during the promotion period. This deal is not valid for orders made outside this period!


For this event, any returns made during 7-day ‘no questions asked’ period will receive only partial refunds. If a purifier is delivered broken or faulty, then normal warranty conditions apply.