Share Clean Air and Get a Free Filter

This Earth Day, Smart Air wants everyone to know that clean air doesn’t need to be a luxury. Forget the marketing hype and pricey imported filters. 

What’s the deal? 

Help spread the news about the real cost of clean air! When your friend buys a DIY 1.1, Cannon, or 1–year HEPA pack, we’ll send you a free HEPA filter!

When your friend buys a Blast or Blast Mini, we’ll give you 130RMB to put towards anything you order from us.


This campaign is valid across all our platforms: our websiteWeChat Store, and Taobao!

How does it work?

Forward this post to a friend or anyone else who needs clean air. Show them our dataeducational workshops and pollution articles to get them up to speed on the truth about the air purifier industry.

It’s time to give back to those who share!

Five years ago, Thomas was doing research on a Fulbright scholarship in Beijing when the “airpocalypse” struck. He started building and testing DIY air purifiers, and then after hundreds of tests and with the support of a few friends, he held the very first Smart Air workshop at the Beijing Energy Network to share what he learned. Using his data, he wanted to teach others how to breathe clean air without spending an arm and a leg.

Since that first workshop, Smart Air has run over 250 workshops, educating thousands of people about air pollution and shipping purifiers across China. Because we don’t have a big marketing budget, we know that most people learn about Smart Air because air-breathers like you share the data, tests, and stupid simple purifiers with other people who breathe air. 

We’re hoping this event encourages even more people to spread the knowledge—and gives a little back to everyone who lends a hand. 

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