International Orders

International Shipping

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International Customs

International customs fees vary depending on the destination country of the package. There is no way to give an exact figure of customs fees before shipping, since these fees are taken once the order has reached its destination country. As such, they must be paid by the receiving party. Please be ready to contact your customs office once your order has shipped. There is a possibility your order may be returned to us without it ever passing getting through customs. If this should happen it would incur a second shipping fee.

Can it be delivered to my door?

Smart Air cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered to your door. Depending on your destination country, it is possible the customs office will require you to collect your order in person. Please make sure you enter a valid phone number during shipping so that customs can contact you in case there are any problems.


Our warranty on purifiers is based on shipping the fan back to the factory to get fixed or replace. That means it’s impractical to offer a warranty on international orders (orders outside of Mainland China). Basically, sending it to be fixed ends up costing much more than the fan! So we can unfortunately only uphold the warranty within Mainland China. If you are able to return the purifier to Mainland China, then we can fix the purifier for free, but you would have to cover the shipping costs to/from Mainland China.

International Shipment Insurance

International shipments are covered in the case of lost goods during shipment, but not for damaged goods. Unfortunately the shipping service we use cannot provide insurance for damaged goods. We do our best to package the purifiers in sturdy and robust boxes. If you are very concerned about damage during shipment, you can contact us when you place your order, and we can wrap the shipment with extra packaging (for a small fee).