[:en]Clean breaths delivered[:zh]聪明空气帮助你吸入干净空气的次数[:]

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We think it’s important to show how low-cost purifiers can truly help people protect their health clean air, which is why we calculated the number of “clean breaths delivered.” And since we’re nerds, we want to be specific about how we calculated it:

Let’s start with 1,000 purifiers as an example. Humans breathe around 15 breaths per minute. A conservative estimate is that people leave their purifiers on while preparing for bed and sleeping, which should add up to around 8 hours per day. Let’s also be conservative and say people turn their purifiers on only half of the days in a year. (Here in Beijing, we use our purifiers closer to every day!) To be extra conservative, we presume that each purifier is being used by just one person. That ignores people who share bedrooms and living rooms!

Here’s how that math works out:

Number of purifiers: 1,000

Average breaths per minute: 15

Daily purifier usage: 8 hours per day

Percentage of the year people use purifiers: 50%


With all of this information, we can work out the average number of clean breaths Smart Air provides every minute, or every second

Breaths per minute = No. purifiers × No. breaths per minute × daily purifier usage/24 × percentage of the year purifiers are used

Breaths per minute = 1,000 × 15 × 8/24 × 0.5 = 2,500 breaths per minute!

Breaths per second = 2,500/60 = 42 breaths per second.

To get the total number of breaths per minute or second, we looked back at when we first started selling purifiers (January 2014) and calculated the number of seconds since then. Assuming our growth has been linear (when we first started we’d sold 0 purifiers, now we’ve sold 1,000, increasing by the same value every month), we can take take the average number of purifiers used since January 2014 to be half (/2) the number of purifiers sold (500 purifiers).

Seconds from 1st January 2014 until now (1st September 2016): 84,193,659 seconds

Using our example of 1,000 purifiers, we can calculate:

Total clean breaths delivered = 84,193,659 × 42 / 2

Total clean breaths delivered = 1,768,066,839

Breathe safe![:zh]

我们认为能让大家知道低价格空气净化器真的能够保护你的健康真的是一件很重要的事情。于是,Smart Air的“书呆子”就计算出, 我们从2014年卖出第一台DIY空气净化器到现在,帮助你吸入洁净空气的次数。下面,我们将详细地解释我们是怎么得到这个数字:









有了这些数据,我们可以计算出Smart Air每分钟或每一秒提供的洁净空气次数:

每分钟平均呼吸次数 = 空气净化器数量 x 每分钟呼吸次数 x每日空气净化器使用量/24小时 x人们使用空气净化器的百分比

每分钟呼吸次数 = 1000 x 15 x 8/24 x 0.5 = 2500

每秒呼吸次数 = 2500/60 = 42







总洁净呼吸达到84,193,659 x 42 /2

总洁净呼吸量 = 1,768,066,839