Plants Have No Detectable Air Purification Effect

Despite the popular conception that plants are purifiers, plants have detectable effect on particle or gas pollutants, according to the latest test data from real-world homes.   Belief that plants are effective air purifiers is widespread. Arguably the most frequently cited evidence is the NASA study on plants. It feels scientific, authoritative. This page cites it, this page, this page.   […]

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What Would China’s Air Be Like If Everyone Stopped Driving?

The prestigious science publication Nature published a study that tested the air of Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to find out exactly what PM2.5 is made out of. They found that about 20% were chemicals like ammonium and chloride. Coal made up about 4% of PM2.5 in the different cities.     From that composition, the researchers could estimate […]

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