Is There Less PM2.5 on Higher Floors? Does Living in a High Rise Protect People From Pollution?

Living on the 20th floor of a high rise building isolates people from the world. Cars, streets, shaokao vendors—they’re all farther away. So does that mean PM2.5 is lower on the higher floors of buildings? The Test Tristan from the Smart Air team tested this by taking laser particle counters from floor 1 to floor […]

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Recruiting: Campus Ambassador

We are a Chinese social-enterprise founded by an Assistant Professor from the University of Chicago (with branches in India and Mongolia) dedicated to selling low-cost air purifiers and spreading awareness about air pollution. Our headquarters are in Beijing, and we have a modest, international, and passionate team committed to alleviating one of China’s biggest problems: […]

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Delhi Smog

For Delhi’s Traffic Police, More Air Means More Problems

Have you have ever wondered about the effects of Delhi’s air on people who work outdoors? How about Delhi’s traffic police? We sure have at Smart Air, and we have been waiting for research to catch up with our ruminations. A study on Delhi’s traffic police officers, published in January 2017, finally provides some answers – though pessimistic […]

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