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Believe It Or Not: Beijing Sees Worse Pollution During Coronavirus Shutdown

Recent news reports have proclaimed a dramatic reduction in China’s air pollution during the coronavirus lockdown, yet data shows Beijing has actually seen pollution levels rise during this period. The headlines are based on images from NASA, finding that air pollution dropped 10-30% compared to the same period in 2019.   NO2 Pollution During Coronavirus […]

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Beijing NO2 levels decrease during coronavirus outbreak 2020 vs 2019

How many trees need to be planted to solve Delhi’s air pollution?

When Delhi’s air pollution spikes, netizens in the nation’s capital often bring up the solution of planting trees. For instance, this user on the question-answer site Quora asks “how many trees does Delhi need to combat its air pollution problem?” However, environmental research suggests that planting trees are an incredibly inefficient way to reduce Delhi’s […]

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