35 healthy Shanghai college students used a purifier for 48 hours. Here’s what happened to their bodies

There are two things we know about purifiers and one really important thing we don’t know.   1. We know that purifiers reduce PM2.5   Loads of tests have found this in labs and in real-world homes. I’ve tested the hell out of this, in my room, in bigger rooms, for 200 days of Beijing air, comparison tests against the […]

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Truth or Bullshit: Eating Broccoli Protects Against Pollution

Although many natural remedies are based more on intuition than science, a surprisingly rigorous set of studies from different research labs is finding that eating broccoli helps our bodies fight the effects of air pollution.   Scientists have isolated the compound thought to help the body remove pollutants like benzene and fight inflammation. The compound, sulforaphane, […]

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Delhi Smog

For Delhi’s Traffic Police, More Air Means More Problems

  Have you have ever wondered about the effects of Delhi’s air on people who work outdoors? How about Delhi’s traffic police? We sure have at Smart Air, and we have been waiting for research to catch up with our ruminations. A study on Delhi’s traffic police officers, published in January 2017, finally provides some answers – though […]

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