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Is Being in a High Pollution City Like Delhi India Really Like Smoking a Pack a Day Healthwise?

Comparing air pollution to smoking is a dangerous question. Honest observers (like Richard Saint Cyr MD and Richard Muller) have come up with wildly different answers, from 1/6th of a cigarette a day, to four a day, to claims of 21 cigarettes a day. Here’s why they’re all right.     Two Fundamentally Different Ways of Asking the Question One of the points […]

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Truth or Bullshit: Eating Broccoli Protects Against Pollution

Although many natural remedies are based more on intuition than science, a surprisingly rigorous set of studies from different research labs is finding that eating broccoli helps our bodies fight the effects of air pollution.   Scientists have isolated the compound thought to help the body remove pollutants like benzene and fight inflammation. The compound, sulforaphane, […]

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