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Are Japanese Pitta Masks effective for use in China?

It’s allergy season again. Spring is here, and the catkin white fluff is in the air!     Lately, I’ve noticed many people wearing these Pitta masks out on the streets of Beijing.     They look sleek, but I wondered whether they actually work. After all, data shows that Japan’s air quality is much better than China’s, so it’s possible that they were designed for things other than […]

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Fast-Growing India Startup Zomato Installs Smart Air Ladakh Air Purifiers

Helping to fight air pollution in Gurgaon, one of India’s most polluted cities, Smart Air installed 91 Ladakh purifiers in the offices of India’s biggest food delivery startup: Zomato.   In December 2018, Zomato was moving into their new 100,000 square foot office in Gurgaon, just outside New Delhi. Zomato needed a clean air solution for […]

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So You Thought Hong Kong’s Pollution Comes From the Mainland? – Supplemental Data

This article includes supplemental data for the main article “So You Thought Hong Kong’s Pollution Comes From the Mainland?” This supplemental data will show how high and low wind speeds affect the PM2.5 levels. Ultimately, this supplemental article draws the same conclusion as the main article.   Does Wind Speed Affect PM2.5? What if particulate […]

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