Singapore Air Quality (AQI) and Air Pollution Levels

Air Quality and Pollution in Singapore

Singapore has an air pollution problem and has suffered from poor air quality for years. From 2014-2020, Singapore average daily air quality exceeded the WHO annual pollution limits on an average of nearly 6 out of 7 days of the week. What’s more, Singapore has seen PM2.5 levels over four times the WHO recommended limit on over 70 days in the same time period. On it’s most polluted day, Singapore saw levels nearly 20 times the WHO recommended pollution limit. During that time in 2015, schools shut down due to the poor air quality.

Singapore Pollution and Air Quality Over WHO Limit (2014-2019)

84% of Days in Singapore More Polluted than WHO Target

Singapore’s daily air quality levels exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO) annual limit on 84% of days in from 2014-2020.

Current Air Quality in Singapore

Live air quality (AQI) readings for Singapore:

Singapore Air Quality: Seasonal Trends

Singapore has its worst air pollution and smog during dry season (March to August) and air quality is best towards the end of the wet season from December to February. Dry season AQI (Air Quality Index) levels in Singapore can often reach over 150, or a ‘unhealthy’ level.

Singapore Air Quality

Singapore Air Pollution: The Negative Health Effects

This analysis of Singapore’s air quality is based on PM2.5 pollution. These are particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter that can penetrate deep into the lungs and even enter the bloodstream. Studies have shown that PM2.5 raises blood pressureinflammation, and rates of heart attacks and strokes
Studies have shown that low levels of air pollution can have dramatic effects on a body’s health.

Singapore PM2.5 Air Pollution Open Data

As part of Smart Air’s open data pledge, the raw PM2.5 data for Singapore and more info on the test methods are openly available to download from the link below: Download Singapore 2014-2019 Air Pollution Data,

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