Smart Air Unveils New Techno-Ultra HEPA Filter

This post is an April fools, published on 1st April, 2019. Smart Air uses no fancy “Techno-Ultra” tech. In fact, a HEPA filter is all an air purifier needs. Read on bust this myth.

“Finally, a HEPA filter that actually works! Meet the Techno-Ultra HEPA filter!”


Back when we started Smart Air in 2013, we set out to create effective air purifiers that don’t cost a lot. Today, we are proud to announce that 5 years of hard science and testing have culminated in a technological breakthrough: The Smart Air Techno-Ultra HEPA!


Techno-Ultra HEPA filter vs. Normal HEPA filter


Smart Air founder Thomas Talhelm said this at Smart Air’s Beijing press conference:


“This is a huge day for clean air enthusiasts. I’m pleased to say that we finally have a HEPA filter that actually works!”


HEPA quiet extreme whisper technology


What makes the Techno-Ultra HEPA great, and why do you need one?


  • Innovative technology that captures over 99% of all particles! The Techno-Ultra is so high-tech, it achieves something that no other commercial HEPA filter can. The Techno-Ultra HEPA© uses all-new patented Smart-Capture Technology® to capture particles down to 0.005µm—that’s 60 times smaller than standard HEPAs!
  • The Techno Ultra HEPA uses new revolutionary NanoDoctor Technology® to create nano-tech fibers ranging from 2nm to 500nm in diameter. For comparison, that is 1,000,000 times smaller than the size of Elon Musk’s brain!


techno-ultra HEPA filter size is smaller than Elon Musk's Brain


  • What’s more, revolutionary Hyper Mini-Pleat Design® means we can pack more filtration media into the same area. Watch Smart Air Senior Engineer L. Nielson PhD testing this revolutionary material.

Smart Air pleated HEPA filter gaff


  • Imported filters manufactured using strict German precision engineering.


100% imported German precision engineering


  • The Techno-Ultra isn’t just an ordinary HEPA filter. The intelligent breathable AI material means it can adapt its shape, allowing you to convert your HEPA filters into sportswear when you’re out of the house. Simply stretch out the filter and place the resulting t-shirt over your head!


Intelligent AI adaptive clothing


Available Today Only!

Get your Techno-Ultra HEPA filter today only! Buy yours today from our store while supplies last.


Happy April Fools Day!


Happy April Fool's Day

However, the joke’s not on you! The fools in this saga are the big air purifier companies that make ridiculous claims that their HEPA filters are revolutionary tech. Don’t be fooled by this flashy marketing and fancy words. Here are the facts behind our phony ultra-techno selling points:


  • Any HEPA filter with a H13 rating or higher capture over 99.95% of all particles.
  • All HEPA filters can capture particles smaller than 0.3µm. Straight from the mouths of NASA, experiments done at the University of Minnesota found that fiberglass filters were able to capture over 99.95% of particles as small as 3 nanometers and up to 99.999% of particles as small as 5n nanometers. The truth of the matter is: particles smaller than 0.3 microns are actually easier to capture.HEPA filter
  • All HEPA material is made from fibers that range from 2nm – 500nm in diameter. HEPA filters were invented in the 1940s. They’re not patented.


Smart Air’s Values

At Smart Air, we don’t use gimmicky advertising based on faulty science to sell you over-priced filters. The truth is: air purifier technology is shockingly simple. HEPA filters were invented in the 1940s. And all HEPA filters—even maskscapture tiny .01 micron particles.

Purifier Technology Is Simple

Isn’t that amazing? We thought so. That’s why we donate our time and energy to getting simple, effective purifiers to more air-breathers in polluted cities. If you decide to get yourself clean air this April Fool’s Day, all we ask is to choose based on science and not gimmicks.


Breathe safe!


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