How many trees need to be planted to solve Delhi’s air pollution?

When Delhi’s air pollution spikes, netizens in the nation’s capital often bring up the solution of planting trees. For instance, this user on the question-answer site Quora asks “how many trees does Delhi need to combat its air pollution problem?” However, environmental research suggests that planting trees are an incredibly inefficient way to reduce Delhi’s […]

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Do kid's air pollution masks really work on children

How effective are kid’s masks at filtering air pollution?

As cities like Delhi, Beijing and Manila face toxic levels of air pollution, people are rushing to find effective pollution masks, particularly kid’s masks. But there’s a problem. Children’s faces are different from adults’. Add to that, children are constantly growing, meaning that the mask that fit last year might not fit this year. Kid’s […]

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Trees filter air pollution or not

How many trees need to be planted to help to solve China’s air pollution?

Planting trees to solve China’s air pollution would be a very ineffective way. Let me break down the effect of trees into (1) sucking up particulate and (2) giving particles a place to land. 1. How Much Particulate Air Pollution Do Trees Suck Up? Let’s talk about the most commonly talked about pollutant: particulate pollution […]

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