Trees filter air pollution or not

How many trees need to be planted to help to solve China’s air pollution?

Planting trees to solve China’s air pollution would be a very ineffective way. Let me break down the effect of trees into (1) sucking up particulate and (2) giving particles a place to land. 1. How Much Particulate Air Pollution Do Trees Suck Up? Let’s talk about the most commonly talked about pollutant: particulate pollution […]

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Did Beijing’s Air Get Better in 2018?

Analyzing new air quality data, Smart Air found that Beijing’s PM2.5 dropped 14% in 2018 compared to the year before. Despite the improvement, Beijing still averages nearly five times the World Health Organization’s annual limit.   Improvement Came Mostly from Winter Enforcement By breaking down the data month by month, analysis shows that Beijing’s air quality […]

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What Would China’s Air Be Like If Everyone Stopped Driving?

  Air pollution includes a bunch of microscopic particles, but have you ever wondered what those particles are exactly? In a study published in Nature, scientists tested the air in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to find out exactly what PM2.5 is made of. By tracing the composition of the particles, they could gain clues about where it’s all […]

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