Reducing Formaldehyde: 3 Things You Need to Know About Formaldehyde (Part 3)

  Amid all the noise about chemicals in the home, these are three scientific, data-backed ways to reduce formaldehyde in the home. Once you’ve understood how to assess formaldehyde in your home and why testing machines are unreliable, here’s how you can act to reduce formaldehyde. Method 1: Open a window, since outdoor air has virtually […]

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Activated carbon air purifier VOC

Does adding a carbon layer reduce particulate effectiveness?

I recently published tests showing that carbon actually removes VOCs. But adding that carbon layer raises a question: adding carbon means the fan has to power through yet another layer of resistance. Does that make purifier less effective at removing particulates? Test Method To test this question, I ran 10 room tests with the Cannon and […]

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