The Story of Smart Air and Creating Affordable Clean Air [VIDEO]

Smart Air founder and University of Chicago professor Thomas Talhelm shares the story of how Smart Air started and innovated the air purifier industry. The lecture is extremely informative about how you can breathe healthier and gives a unique perspective on the air purifier industry. How Smart Air Started: Tom …

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Poor ventilation leads to increased virus transmission covid19 coronavirus offices schools

Poor Ventilation May Lead to Higher Virus Infection Rates

Offices and the workplace can be breeding grounds for viruses such as COVID-19. In this article, we’ll present data that shows how improving office ventilation and airflow may lower the spread of viruses like the coronavirus in the workplace. Evidence of how Office Ventilation Affects Disease and Virus Transmission There’s …

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Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise and certified B-Corp that offers simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people from the harms of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

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