This Data Explains Why You Should Never Use Your Purifier’s Auto Mode – Supplemental Data

Data and Test Details   Test Methods: These tests were identical to my previously published tests, details of which can befound here, here, and here. Original Data: The original data for all 13 tests is available as an Excel file here   Average Outdoor PM2.5 During Tests It’s important to note the average outdoor PM2.5 during tests because purifiers achieve smaller percentage […]

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The Really Small Stuff

An open-data DIY air purifier test found that even simple, homemade purifiers can reduce particulate, but can they capture the smallest particles? This question is important because it’s the smallest particles that can penetrate deep into our lungs and even enter our bloodstream. To test how effective the DIY purifier is, I’ve been posting lots […]

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PM2.5 Particle Size Virus