The Best Air Purifier Distributors for Hong Kong

Because of the high demand for protection against air pollution and COVID-19, the number of wholesale air purifier wholesalers in Hong Kong is growing. However, there is a lack of effective, low-cost wholesale air purifier distribution in Hong Kong.

The Need For Wholesale Air Purifier Distributors in Hong Kong

Hong Kong sees poor air quality on an annual basis. This is mainly due to air pollution from high vehicular emissions, as Hong Kong has one of the highest densities of vehicles in the world. Rising health concerns over air quality further exacerbated by the spread of COVID-19 continue to drive demand for air purifiers and local distribution in Hong Kong. To meet this rising need for quality, affordable yet effective air purifiers in Hong Kong, Smart Air is dedicated to being the leading wholesale air purifier distributor for the Hong Kong market.

Smart Air is able to provide a reliable platform and a choice of inexpensive, quality air purifiers to serve the wholesale air purifier distribution industry in Hong Kong as demand for air purifiers and filters rises. With years of air purifier export and import experience, as well as speciality air purifier goods for local markets, Smart Air has established a reputation as a leading air purifier distributor. We have over 8 years of air purifier testing and R&D experience and have chosen a selection of air purification products to better fit the demands of the Hong KongFm market.

Smart Air Products

The Sqair

The Sqair packs a powerful clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 315m³/hr, outperforming the competition on both cost and performance. In fact, it is the most cost-effective air purifier on the market, and perfect for fighting air pollution in Hong Kong.


  1. Effectiveness

At a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 315m³/hr, the Sqair is suitable for spaces up to 40m² (430 sqft), or the space of two large bedrooms. It captures over 99% of viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, and other dangerous pollutants. Comparatively, the Sqair also provides the most clean air per dollar of any purifier on the market. With the carbon filter add-on, the coverage expands to filtering VOCs, formaldehyde, odors, and tobacco smoke.

  1. Noise Level

The Sqair is one of the quietest air purifiers on the market, operating at 52 dB on its highest setting. This is equivalent to the sound of light rainfall. Comparatively, the Xiaomi purifier runs at 67 dB, resembling the sounds of city traffic.

  1. Other Specifications

The Sqair has a HEPA lifespan of 1400 hours, or 6 months if left running for 8 hours per day.

  1. Usage

A sleek and simple design combined with a powerful delivery makes the Sqair the best air purifier in any setting. Our users find it perfect for their home areas like bedrooms, kitchens, or small living rooms. It is also highly effective for usage in office cubicles, pantries, and meeting rooms. 

Why Smart Air? 

All our air purifiers have been subjected to thousands of hours of product validation tests. This includes tests on the effectiveness of HEPA filters, CADR, noise, and power usage. With our transparent costing for distributors and a range of air purifiers backed by open data, Smart Air purifiers provide high cost-effectiveness for the Hong Kong market. In fact, Smart Air purifiers offer one of the highest clean air per dollar ratios out of all purifiers on the market.

Smart Air Paddy

Proven Track Record

Smart Air has extensive export and distribution experience, having exported our air purifiers to over 50 countries, with local distribution networks on the ground in over 15 countries. Smart Air is specialized in tailoring distribution for local markets and has experience with the Hong Kong market. Our products have also received positive media coverage and features from several reputable news agencies. 

Social Enterprise & Certified B-Corp

Smart Air is a social enterprise with a mission to provide cost-effective and data-backed air purifiers. We advocate transparency in our operations and prioritize protecting others from air pollution over profits. As a certified B-Corp, we have met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

What Next?

By embarking on this journey with us, you gain access to our vast knowledge base and our unwavering commitment to working together with you to provide clean air to Hong Kong. Through our deep market expertise, ever-expanding range of products, and long history of strong collaboration with our international partners, you can rest assured that Smart Air will provide the best wholesale air purifier experience in Hong Kong.

Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise and certified B-Corp that offers simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people from the harms of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

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