AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor


The AirVisual Pro is an all-round home monitor that measures PM2.5, temperature, CO2 and humidity. Its large display also shows historic data and future forecast. Backed by Smart Air’s open-data tests, the AirVisual’s PM2.5 readings have been shown to be highly accurate.

AirVisual Pro, the world’s smartest air quality monitor

The first step to improving the air we breathe is knowing what we breathe, where it comes from, and how it can be improved. Enter, the AirVisual Pro.

Professional grade sensors provide highly accurate readings of tiny fine particles (PM2.5) – all the way down to 0.3 microns. Read more to find out about how we tested the accuracy of AirVisual Pro readings.

AirVisual Pro Features

Know your air quality, indoors and out. The AirVisual Pro has an impressive list of features, including information on indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and weather forecasting.


Why is Smart Air selling the Pro?

Here at Smart Air, we tested 3 different particle counters to find out which one we thought would be best for home users. We spent 2 months testing these devices, and after seeing the results we decided to start shipping the AirVisual Pro. You can read about it and see our tests results in our particle counter comparison blog post.
Particle Counter comparison AirVisual Dylos Laser Egg

Note: we do not provide international warranty on the Pro. If your Pro is faulty within one year of purchase you may post it back to Smart Air China for repairs, but postage and packaging must be paid for by the customer.


Which Air Quality Monitor should I get?

Laser Egg 2 versus AirVisual Pro


Your Purchase Includes 1x AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor
Connection Wifi
Power 5W
Dimensions L x W x H (cm)  10.2 x 18.4 x 8.2
Sensor Specifications
PM2.5 0.3 – 2.5 μm
CO2 400 – 10,000 ppm
Temperature -10 to 40 °C
Humidity 0 – 95%

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