QP Lite Air Quality Monitor

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Portable, lightweight air quality monitor so you can see what’s in your air anywhere you go. Measures PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

Accuracy backed by Smart Air’s third-party tests.


See What’s In Your Air, Wherever You Go

QP Lite Air Quality Monitor

The air you breathe into your body has a huge impact on your health. The QP Lite allows you to 24/7 monitor the air wherever you go so you never breathe dangerous air again.

5-in-1 Comprehensive Monitoring

The QP Lite air quality monitor gives you a comprehensive look into the air you are breathing. The monitor tracks all of the most important metrics in your air to keep you safe.

Sleek, Minimalist Design

Designed to look great with any interior.

Monitor Your Air From Anywhere

By connecting to the Qingping+ App, you can monitor your air from anywhere. Get instant alerts to your phone when air quality becomes unsafe. App available on the Apple and Google Play store.

Record and View Historical Data

Track and analyze your air quality over time. Export data to a computer for further analysis.

Measure Air Quality Wherever You Go

The QP Lite is portable and lightweight with a 7+ hour battery life. This makes it the perfect device to measure air quality on the go.

OLED Display

Simple, no-nonsense display for optimal viewing.

Innovative Design

Incredibly responsive and accurate. Innovative vent design for more accurate sensors. Precision remains with long-term use.

Only Standalone Monitors Accurately Measure Air Quality

Built-in sensors on devices such as air purifiers can only detect the air conditions next to the device. QP independent air monitors can test the air anywhere.

Treat Your Body Right

High CO2 levels are common and often go unnoticed causing a variety of issues. The QP Lite will allow you to 24/7 monitor and crack a window open if concentrations get high.

Track PM2.5, One of Biggest Killers in the World

Are your PM2.5 levels over the WHO limit of 5 micrograms? If so, studies show reducing your PM2.5 levels even just a little bit with HEPA air purifiers can reduce your risk of death significantly.
    • PM2.5: One of the biggest killers in the world, with 99% of the population breathing dangerous levels. Even moderate levels are shown to cause cancer and heart disease.
    • CO2: High CO2 levels can result in drowsiness, headaches, high blood pressure, and more.
    • tVOC: Dangerous gases such as formaldehyde which can irritate our organs and cause cancer
*If levels are high, a combination of HEPA air purifiers and improved ventilation can help lower levels

QP Lite Technical Specifications

Product Manual:
Your Purchase Includes Includes 1 × QP Lite Air Quality Monitor
Color White
Dimensions L × W × H (mm) 63.6 × 46 × 54.6
Weight (g) 143
Ranges PM2.5: 0 ~ 500 μg/m³ Temperature: 0 ~ 60℃ Humidity: 0 ~ 95%RH CO2: 400 ~ 5000 ppm
Power Supply 5V – 1A / Plug type: USB-C
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ
Screen Type 59.9 × 49.9mm OLED Screen
Supported Platforms XiaoMi Mijia Apple HomeKit

Battery Information

Battery Type Lithium Ion Battery 2000mAh / 3.7V
Battery Life Approx. 7 hours

The QP Lite FAQs

Does the QP Lite come with a warranty?
We promise a 1-year warranty. Under a common living environment, this product can be used for more than 3 years, and usually, there is no problem of accuracy reduction within 3 years, which is not a warranty promise but only an estimation.
How long does it support to view the history data? Does it support historical record export?
Hourly data in the past 24 hours, the highest and lowest readings of each day in the past 7 days is available for viewing.
Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use the monitor?
Not necessary. The air monitoring function works well without an internet connection.
What smart home platforms are supported?
  • Xiaomi Mijia
  • Apple HomeKit
How long is the battery life?
The monitor can stand by for about 6.5 hours from fully charged to automatically shut down. It is recommended to keep the monitor connected to the power supply. The QP Lite Air Monitor Lite has a built-in power management function similar to that of a laptop, which does not damage the battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Black, White


Smart Air


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