Remove Smoke Smell with the Award-Winning Sqair

The odour and harmful chemicals in smoke can be quite unpleasant, whether that is cigarette smoke, wildfire smoke, etc. So, how can we remove both the odour of smoke and its cancer-causing toxins?

To remove smoke smell, you will need an air purifier like the Sqair Chemical Warfare that can use both a carbon filter and a HEPA filter simultaneously. The carbon filter removes odours, while the HEPA filter filters out the rest of the dangerous particulate matter. Fortunately, University of Chicago Professor Thomas Talhelm and his not-for-profit social enterprise Smart Air designed the Sqair Chemical Warfare Air Purifier to remove all the pollutants and smells in smoke.

PS: From the UK? The affordable and incredibly effective Chemical Warfare is now available in the UK!

How Does it Work?

Carbon Filters Remove Odours!

An air purifier with a carbon filter will help remove the gases present in smoke. And since smells are gases, it will also remove unpleasant cigarette smells from your air.

And the HEPA Removes Harmful Substances

Although a carbon filter will help remove the gases and smells in smoke, it will not remove the cancer-causing toxins. A HEPA filter can remove over 95% of particulate matter with just one pass of a filter!

Watch the Sqair in Action!


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The Sqair Chemical Warfare: Designed to Tackle Smoke Smell

Tackling Both Problems with 1 Sqair

By using both HEPA and carbon filters in the Sqair, you can effectively remove the bad odours and cancerous toxins from smoke. And since we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, we can provide the best deal on the internet.

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