Our Mission


In 2013, Smart Air was set up as a social enterprise. That means we’re not driven by investors or huge profits, we’re driven by the urge to improve the world we live in.

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When we found out the truth about air purifiers and the air pollution industry, we were shocked. Air purifier technology is simple, yet many companies try and fool us that it’s not, and charge a lot for it.

Not only this, but there are numerous misconceptions about air purifiers and pollution which might be putting us in danger. Ever since our founding we’ve been dedicated to providing free, open and honest data to help right these misconceptions and raise awareness on air pollution.

Honest & Affordable Purifiers

After seeing how much purifier companies charge for air purifiers, and then how much they should cost, we were driven to create real affordable and effective air purifiers. Since our founding, we’ve worked tirelessly to cut costs, cut out the middle men and reduce the price of clean air.