Are Cheap Particle Counters Accurate?

ओह! यह पोस्ट हिन्दी में उपलब्ध नही हैं।अंग्रेजी संस्करण के हेतु यहाँ क्लिक करे l


The Sqair air purifier Kickstarter

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Edward Kerstein

What brand/product is the “node”?


Hello , did you test the uHoo?

interesting, but so much more instruments to test to get a good idea


Great review – thanks for leaving this! I wanted to add some details on the LaserEgg – we recently purchased the 1gen sensor to supplement our 3 Mi 2s filters, which in our experience are great at moving air through a filter but have generally inaccurate readings that make ‘auto mode’ practically useless. Since I began using the LE, however, I’ve found its weakness is the Kaiterra app, which is very bare-bones. Not only does it not interact with other devices, but you cannot even set alerts in the app for when AQI hits a certain level. The Without some… Read more »

Jai Moon

Hi, is Wifi required for these counters?
If Wifi is on, can’t they just search your location and get the “official” readings for your area to improve average accuracy.

I understand you did a test with cigarette particles, but it seems many sensors are accurate when it comes to cigarette particles, but not necessarily with all types PM2.5 particles.

For example here is a cheaper sensor that seems to pick up cigarette particles pretty accurately:

But I’m still skepticle PM2.5 paricles are being measured properly.

Thank you!