Meet the Blast and Blast Mini

What Eats Airpocalypse For Breakfast and Doesn’t Cost Thousands of Dollars?

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WOuld really love to see this on amazon or some sort of affiliate program so I can promote it


I think comparing the product to Blue Air is not relevant anymore as companies such as Xiaomi and Mijia makes it more affordable now, and have a pretty accurate automatic mode which is more friendly than these pick up devices for industrial use (and which i would not guarantee how safe their components are are they must be for domestic market)


Hi. For years I’ve been using 3M Filtrete cut out sheets on my air conditioners and on the backs of electric fans. Saw a Blueair 205 on sale recently, got interested, and decided to research more on air purifiers. Came upon your site. Great products! However there are some important errors you made in the comparison calculations. It appears that you compared the Blast Mini and Blast CADR using **cubic-meters-per-hour** (585 and 890 m³/hr) to the Blueair 203 and IQ Air Health Pro 250 using **cubic-feet-per-minute** (155 and 259 cfm respectively, according to their websites). So instead of the Blast… Read more »


Hey, respect for your personal story, and obviously an awesome product development!
I’m smoking, that’s why I want to buy one of that air purifiers…
I also thought about an DIY project, and design my own, by this way I found your website…
Can you send me some price infos, and shipping in the EU, Vienna, Austria, please?
Wish you all the best, kind regards,


Can your purifiers be sent to Taiwan? Do they have 110v version?


What about O3 emission of this new model?


Love your DIY filters, used both types in different places I lived in China. These are awesome products at awesome prices. Hope you can get some market penetration with this and start earning yourself a salary!


Interesting that you talk about surface area. Could we get the same effect by running more than one DIY? Maybe one in each corner of the room. I would love to buy a Blast but live in Thailand so I imagine the postage costs would be high.


Any chance of adding at least one similarly priced air filter (¥1500-2000) to your comparisons? The newish Blue Pure 211+ and Phillips 1000 Series are popular units targeting the same segment as the Blast Mini so either would both work.

I’ve had great luck with my Cannon DIY and am excited to see you expand your product lineup. Keep up the good work!

Interesting! What is the CCM for the Blast and Mini ?