What’s CADR and How is it Different From Airflow?

ओह! यह पोस्ट हिन्दी में उपलब्ध नही हैं।अंग्रेजी संस्करण के हेतु यहाँ क्लिक करे l


The Sqair air purifier Kickstarter

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I love your site and all the data you’ve collected. Two things I’m curious about:
1) How much does the flow rate change between with the filter and without?
2) How much does the noise level change between with the filter and without?

I’m asking because I’m curious about using a different fan with a known flow rate but a lower known noise level. If your data is correct, you’ve beaten the competition in CADR, price. Do you think it’s possible to maintain this performance while reducing the noise to a whisper? (I have faith)


I just moved to China and I’m trying to sort out what I need for my apartment (61.3 sq m, 2 bedroom + 1 hall) assuming I use one of your filters at low or medium for reduced noise. But I need some information I can’t find on your site. 1. What is the CADR for your products (especially the Blast and mini Blast) at low and medium speed? I’m assuming the amount listed on your website is for high speed. 2. What is the calculation to determine one’s CADR needs? I found the following on a post by Dr.… Read more »