How accurate are common particle counters?

Dylos DC1100

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Adi Solikin

Hi. Have you tested these outside? I have the DC1700 & AirVisual Pro at my workplace, both claimed to work outdoor as well. We are doing continuous outdoor air monitoring at my workplace.


New test coming soon? Awair (second), Air Ae Steward, IGERESS, Foobot etc etc. I would even pay more for a good product but there are almost no labor test to find. So many products and no tests.


Hi everyone. My daughter and I were so happy to meet everyone when we picked up our DIY a couple months back and now we are also the proud owners of a canon as well.

I was wondering if you plan to review the new Laser Egg 2 upgrade with the VOC sensor. I really want to grab a laser egg but if the upgrade works reasonably well, I’d prefer to have that one. Unfortunately, I can’t find anyone who has put it through its paces yet.


Hi. I’m confused by the conversion formula you use for the Dylos. Are you using the actual particles per cubic foot (the displayed numbers multiplied by 100), or the displayed numbers themselves. I’m referring to a DC1100 PRO. If the left displayed number is, say, 150 and the right number is 20, what does that equate to in PM2.5 micrograms/cubic meter?

I’m a novice is this field, and basically am trying to figure out what readings are “good” for a residence. Thank you.



Can you recommend a cheaper version? I don’t want to spend more than $50.