Can You Clean or Wash HEPA filters?

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I vacuumed my Kenmore 85150 PlasmaWave AirCleaner’s hepafilter and carbon filter. They looked pretty good after, without the obvious loose fibers that you show in the image above. Can’t say that some particles haven’t been disturbed. More importantly, though, I reset the “change filter” light – it went off right away and hasn’t returned for more than an hour. It seems that the machine would know if the filters are doing the job. What do you think?


It would be interesting to wash the HEPAs in non-water liquid. Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol instead. Or even use some chemicals (Tetrachloroethylene…) they use in dry-clenaning where they wash suits and other stuff you just can’t put in washing machine. I am really a novice in “clean air technology” but I once washed my Roomba’s old hepa-style filter in water and it became soft etc (well it was wet – no surprise. And this probably made some changes you described in this article ). But when I tried to was it in Isopropyl alcohol the filter remained rigid like it… Read more »


Really appreciate this post – thanks!

Somewhat Reticent

Since these filters trap particles, I wonder why you did not include testing for vibration during reversed fan direction?
You mention “banging” – did you test vibration at all, to first dislodge particles?
If you’re not comfortable using a massage vibrator, perhaps tapping with drumsticks while aiming downward?
If compressed air or vacuuming is too violent, what of simply reversing direction and using the same fan?


I’ve a vacuum cleaner from Electrolux that uses a HEPA filter, when I want to clean it I put it inside a plastic bag and then beat it to take off some of the dust then I clean the remaining dust with compressed air, wich makes a big mess, but works. I’ve tried just washing the filter but it never dries.