Xiaomi Mi 2 Auto Mode Leaves Air Unsafe for 86% of hours | Review

ओह! यह पोस्ट हिन्दी में उपलब्ध नही हैं।अंग्रेजी संस्करण के हेतु यहाँ क्लिक करे l

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So which air cleaner out there has a functioning auto mode?


Hi Thomas, It was a really thorough and detail test. It’s really insightful. I couldn’t agree more that auto-mode in Xiaomi really does not make any sense at all. It only turns to high speed mode once the it detects high PM 2.5 based on Chinese Air Quality Index (AQI). I just recently bought Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S and turns out I can set the fan to highest settings in the apps. There is a manual mode there and I can set the fan to the max (which is incredibly noisy) for more a night (approx. 7 hours). I don’t… Read more »


the model 2 Has poor particle measure sensor. Could you please test again with xiaomi pm2.5 Air detector and use this detector to control the mi air purifier 2 In automatiom mode. Is it will be better or not?


Hi all. I currently have a Cannon, a DIY , a Xiaomi 2S , and I just got a Xiaomi Pro. I never had any problem with the 2S switching itself to auto mode (which is why I felt confident getting another Xiaomi). The Pro, however, immediately started doing so about every hour or so. I read through many of the comments here but I didn’t see much info on the PRO or many recent updates on the 2S. Has Xioami completely fixed this problem in the 2S or am I just really lucky somehow? And more importantly, what about… Read more »


Xiaomi air purifier works well at a low cost. The new ones 2S and Pro do not have issue with automatically jumping back to auto mode. It is one of the best low cost air purifier on the market. I own a Blueair 205, Coway AP1512, Xiao mi 2s and Pro version. After reading a couple of reviews on the Xiao Mi by two folks online testing with PM2.5 detectors. They both conclude the readings on the Xiao Mi are accurate and works as described. Like Smart Airs data, the key to good air is having constant air purification. Pro… Read more »


Hi guys,

Does anyone have information if Xiaomi have plans to change the Chinese standard for clean air to European standard? Changing the location to Europe in the Mi Home app did not affect the criteria when the fan speed should be increased. I am aware that I can automate the process by setting “Switch to My Favorite mode” when the PM2.5 quantity is >25mg/m3 but I was wondering if this is going to be somehow automated by the purifier itself.


what blue air models were used in these tests?

Vladimir Angelov

Can I turn off the wifi somehow?


After testing the mi2 purifiers (2 of them) this is the conclusion.
The device will work all night long as long as you set the speed no higher than (22).
If you increase speed above 22, then the 3 hour cut off kicks in, but 22 or lower seems to be working all night.
You can test it out and share the results.
also this is running on the current firmware, maybe that makes a difference.


My last post wasn’t published, maybe because it was too long. I will try to write it more briefly. So far particle meter in my Xiaomi Air Purifier 2s seem to work wery well. Unlike other Xiaomi meters that You have tested here it goes below 10 without problems and displayed numbers (at least in the range 1 – 40) are close to the data from the nearest metering stations. Also – when I turn it on it showed 38, then after one hour on “high” it dropped to c.a. 10. When I opened the window and put my purifier… Read more »