Cannon DIY Air Purifier (Pink)

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7,000 incl. Tax

Clean air should not be a luxury! All you need to breathe clean is a fan and a HEPA filter to clean PM2.5, PM10 and allergens from the air.

What’s in the box?

  1. 1 Pink Cannon Fan (some assembly required, tools provided)
  2. 1 HEPA Filter with Pre-filter attached
  3. 1 Velcro Strap
  4. 1 Info Booklet

Please note that there is some assembly required. The legs of the Cannon have to be screwed on and there’s a handy screwdriver in the package. Then the HEPA filter has to be slipped under the elastic strap. See our video below that explains the assembly process. If this is too complicated for you, we can come over and assemble your fan for a small fee. Send us a message and we’ll figure out a time that works.

Watch this video to learn how to assemble your Cannon DIY Air Purifier:

The Cannon DIY’s CADR (smoke) (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is 289 CMH (m3/hr).

Technical details:

Room Size: up to 250 sq-ft

Filtration Technology: 2 Stage, Pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter

Filter Life: 720 hours (3 months at 8 hrs/day)

Noise Level: High 56 dB, Medium 52 dB, Low 45 dB

Fan Speed: 3 speeds: High, Medium, Low

Energy Consumption (on High): 65 W/hr (electricity cost about Rs 65/month using for 8 hrs/day)

Constructed with: ABS Plastic

Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 x 15 x 13 inches

Weight: 3 kgs

Ionizer / Ozone / UV: No!

Our H13 HEPA filters are CE certified:

CE Certified

CE 2047 according to PED (97/23/EC). Certified by Regal Quality Registrars, Inc, UK. Made in India with imported HEPA material.

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Clean air should not be a luxury!

Smart Air found Thomas Talhelm started with a goal of making air purifiers affordable for everyone. Cannon DIY air purifier does exactly that.

Clean Air for your family

How effective is the Cannon DIY Air Purifier?

From our testing, we’ve seen that the Cannon is 92% effective against PM2.5 in a room size of 323 sq-ft.

Additional Information

Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 15 x 18 in

2 reviews for Cannon DIY Air Purifier (Pink)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Prakash Rao Gurpur (verified owner)

    After Researching for over a year, at Last had bought it & Started using it from 26th March 2016 in Bangalore-Kanakapura Road . Looks wise the Pink Model is quite Cute. Initially For 4 to 5 hours there was a smell like that of Glue coming out of the Unit when in use.After Using it for 5 to 6 hours and by using the Ceiling Fan & Keeping the windows Open the Smell got weakened ,At end of Eight hours did check the Pre-Filter & was amazed to notice a Circle of Soot(Very fine black particles) like material over it. On Second day there was no smell & after using it for 3 hours noticed that the Circle of Soot like material had darkened further,
    The Concept is quite simple & effective. There is no disturbing sound from the unit. Very Portable & well designed hence easy to carry around. Best part is no generation of Ions/Ozone- like in some High end Purifiers(Which are supposed to be Harmful). Initial 2 to 3 hours I did constantly hover my hands over the Hepa filter & found that no air was coming out & was bit worried – had thought that probably after using for 20 to 30 days some visibility of pollutants getting collected over Filter could be observed. Even had Contemplated to remove the pre-filter & let the air directly approach the Hepa filter. But After 8 hours of use lost all doubts about whether it being effective. YES It is VERY EFFECTIVE. Easy to Install (Watch the Video on Youtube)-Got Delivered in 5 days .

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Antony (verified owner)

    I use it in Bangalore Electronic City. 2 months back I ended up in hospital with virulent pneumonia. And the cause was identified as air pollution along with virus attack that had weakened my immune system. A near death experience and hospital bills mounting to Rs 70,000/- later, I am now a crusader on reducing air pollution. In bangalore, it is heavy during winter months due to smog that descends. My flat is in an open and windy area. Yet I got down with air pollution, the reason, smog especially in the morning with the low temps give ideal place for bacterial/viral related infections.
    After extensive research, including even designing a air pollution sensor, I have finally started using the canon product
    1. -Does what it says very well. My self made air monitor shows that particulate matter and pollutants < 3 microns reduced to more than 97% in the bedroom.
    2. The motor and the pusher fan is very powerful. Easily handles a sizable airflow through the filter.
    3. In medium and low settings produces enough air flow to reduce the pollution level to above given state in 250 sqft bedroom in approx 5 – 6 mins.
    1. The HEPA filter emits some smell for use during the first 4-5 days. It is more like a gummy smell. I think some component used in its manufacture should be re checked for suitability
    2. Can be noisy at high speed setting. It is more like white noise, like that of your air conditioner in full blower. I don't have a decibel level check yet.
    3. The strap based holding mechanism is prone for failure especially when the pre – filter starts to warp over 3months of use.
    4. The filter holding mechanism should be redesigned to a cavity structure that sets the filter inside it preventing any sideways leakage of air. At this price point this is doable. It also will ensure that the full air filter surface area will be used for filtering instead of just the round tube opening area only. The design of this cavity should be like a cone that can be slid over the round tubular fan shroud and progressively becomes a square filter holder. This will make the filter setting easy and the mounting DIY friendly. It can also be sold as retrofit to existing Canon filters.

    The fact that I have ordered one more unit with additional carbon filters would show how satisfied I am with the product. Giving a 4 rating instead of 5 because of the cons. Hope smart air will start applying some more thought to product design.

    • SmartAir

      Hello! Thanks for your review. While we’ll always have a DIY option available, we’re also working on our own integrated units that solve the problems you’ve raised. New HEPAs do have a slight smell because of the glue, but this passes in a day or two.

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