Family Kit – 3 x DIY Air Purifiers

16,055 incl. Tax

This kit includes:

  • 2 x Cannon DIY Air Purifiers (for rooms up to 250 sq ft)
  • 1 x DIY 1.1 (for rooms up to 150 sq ft)
  • 3 x replacement filters – to last 6 months

This Family Kit covers an area up to 650 sq ft!

Clean air should not be a luxury!

Smart Air founder Thomas Talhelm started Smart Air with a goal of making clean air affordable for everyone. The Cannon DIY air purifier is a simple fan-and-a-filter setup that does exactly that. This pack contains 2 Cannons for larger spaces, and one DIY 1.1 for a smaller room.

Clean Air for your family

If your house has multiple rooms, it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning the air in each room. Placing a purifier in your living room won’t give you clean air whilst you’re sleeping in your bedroom. To make sure you’re getting clean air everywhere you should either move your purifier room-by-room as you move, or kit yourself out with purifiers in each of your rooms.

How effective is the Cannon DIY Air Purifier?

From our testing, we’ve seen that the Cannon is 92% effective against PM2.5 in a room size of 323 sq-ft.


We’re pretty confident your DIY air purifier will tirelessly eat away at your air pollution, however mishaps do happen. All Smart Air DIY purifiers come with a 1 year, hassle-free warranty! We’ll replace any faulty fan within a 1 year period from the Invoice Date. Be sure to hold on to your invoice and order number as a record.


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