The Sqair Rental

7,799 incl. Tax

Rent this State-of-the-art air purifier for INR 399 only and effectively reduce your air pollution by 92 ug/m³ on an average

In November 2018, the average PM concentration in Delhi was of 205 ug/m³. If you use this air purifier in your living spaces, it would reduce air pollution up to 90%* in the next 15 days!

* This calculation is based on average PM2.5 concentration in Delhi, outdoor PM levels, room size, and Smart Air specifications. It is subject to proper usage of the device as prescribed in the Smart Air Manual.


*This offer is made as part of the research study by The Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago. It is available for select few and only valid for the next 15 days


The Sqair - world's most cost-effective purifier


The Sqair - world's most cost-effective air purifier

The Sqair a no-nonsense purifier designed from the ground up to do one thing: clean air. And it does that one thing really well.

No more nonsense about photocatalytic filters or yet another app for your phone. The Sqair does one thing: it cleans air. And it does that one thing really well.

Things you must know about The Sqair

What The Sqair Will Do To Your Air

The Sqair gives you the most clean air per dollar of any purifier in the world, and it’s quieter too. On high, The Sqair sounds like soft rainfall. It’s up to 13 decibels quieter than the hugely popular Xiaomi purifier, yet provides more clean air and costs less.


Smart Air Sqair air purifier specifications


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