Ladakh 350 Air Purifier

13,200 incl. Tax

Designed for India, in India.


Proven effectiveness in Delhi, the world’s worst metropolis for air quality.


Crafted out of steel. Packed with an H13 HEPA filter.


Introducing our new powerful air purifiers! The Smart Air Ladakh 350 Air Purifier will get rid of air pollutants and allergens inside your house or office.

It comes with an H13 HEPA filter, which is rated to remove 99.95% of 0.3-micron particles.

The compact Ladakh 350 is rated to be effective in rooms up to 350 sq-ft in an area with 10 ft ceilings. It has a CADR (smoke) rating of 393 CMH (m3/hr) on High and an Air Changes per Hour rating of 5 (meaning it will cycle the air in a 350 sq-ft room 5 times in an hour through the filter).

It’s powerful and quiet. The Ladakh 350 makes 53 dB of noise on High, 42 dB on Medium and 32 dB on Low. If you live in Delhi, come by our workspace in Lado Sarai to check out the unit in action.



The Smart Air Ladakh 350 Air Purifier eliminates PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles, along with allergens, from the air you breathe effectively, efficiently!

Technical Specifications


Room Size:
up to 350 sq-ft


Filtration Technology:
3 Stage: Pre-filter, Activated Carbon, H13 HEPA filter


Filter Life:
720 hours (3 months at 8 hrs/day)


CADR Rating (smoke):
393 CMH (m3/hr) on High


Air Changes per Hour:


Noise Level:
High 53 dB, Medium 42 dB, Low 32 dB


Flat button panel


Fan Speed:
5 speeds: Low (1 and 2), Medium (3), High (4 and 5)


Energy Consumption (on High):
50 W/hr (electricity cost about Rs 50/month using for 8 hrs/day)


Constructed with:
CRCA Steel


Dimensions (L x W x H):
12 x 11 x 12 inches


8 kgs






CE 2407


Ionizer / Ozone / UV:

Replacement Filters

The Ladakh 350 Air Purifier uses the following filters:

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 12 in


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