Laser Egg 2 Air Quality Monitor

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The Laser Egg 2 particle counter shows you instant readings for PM2.5 AQI and concentration, giving you the power to know whether or not your room or office is clean from particulate pollution.


Your Purchase Includes                                  1x Laser Egg 2 Particle Counter

Connection                                                           Wifi

Power (W)                                                             2.5

Dimensions L x W x H (cm)                            10.6 x 8.8 x 8.8

Measurement Range 

  • AQI: 1 – 500
  • PM2.5 Concentration (µg/m3): 1 – 999
  • Particle Count: 0 – 65536
  • Temperature (°C): 20 – 60
  • Relative Humidity (RH): 0 – 100%

Why is Smart Air selling the Laser Egg?

Here at Smart Air we tested 3 different particle counters to find out which one we thought would be best for home users. We spent 2 months testing these devices, and after seeing the results we decided to start shipping the Laser Egg. You can read about it and see our tests results in our particle counter comparison blog post.

Meet the world’s most popular smart air quality monitor.

The Laser Egg tells you instantly and accurately what is in the air you’re breathing, so that you know whether or not you efforts to keep your environment clean and healthy are working.

The Laser Egg provides air quality readings in real-time; measurements are taken every 0.1 seconds and displayed on the LCD screen. Air quality can be displayed as PM2.5 concentration, AQI (US EPA & Chinese standards), and particle count.

An embedded Lithium ion battery means that you can take the Laser Egg around with you, wherever you go. The battery lasts for approximately 8 hours on a full charge. Or you can leave it at home, plugged in and recording data, 24/7.

The Laser Egg 2 has a small fan that pulls ambient air in through the back of the unit and pushes it out the front. In the middle, a laser beam cuts across this air current. As particles pass through the laser beam, the beam’s light is refracted. A sensor picks up the subtle changes, and information about the size and number of particles passing through is determined through a series of algorithms.

1. Measures & displays Air Quality Index (AQI) using both US EPA & Chinese Conversions.
2. Measures & displays particle count for particles >0.3 µm & 2.5 µm
3. Measures & displays PM2.5 concentration (µg/m3)
4. Accelerometer changes between constant monitoring and timed monitoring when user touches the laser Egg.
5. Wi-Fi chip provides internet connection; all data recorded while connected to internet is stored in cloud based database.
6. Accompanying iOS & android app “Breathing Space” displays data recorded by laser egg and allows access to advanced features such as laser Egg’s calibration and exportation data.

Technical specification:
Connection: Wi-Fi
Battery Type: Lithium
Input Voltage: DC-5V
Input Current: 1A
Power: 2.5W
Measurement range:
AQI: 1 – 500
PM2.5 concentration: 1 – 999 µg/m3
Particle count: 0 – 65536
Temperature: 20 – 60 C
Relative Humidity: 0 – 100% RH
Accuracy: ±10%
Current: 600 mA
Screen: 2.6″ LCD (full-colour)
Product Size: 106 x 88mm
Response Time: 10 – 100 ms
Product Weight: 285 g
Compliance Standard: Q/CYDSH 002-2015

Laser Egg 2

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Additional information

Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 4.17 × 3.46 in


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