Lease for Juan Posada

2,500 incl. Tax

Smart Air “Clean Air As A Service” Plan for Blue Tokai for 1 Year
(monthly rate, billed monthly, 1 year minimum contract)

Terms & Conditions:
1) Monthly lease rate set for 1 Ladakh Pro 1500, 1 Ladakh Pro 1000, 1 Ladakh Pro 600
2) Quarterly service call to check-up on units and replace/service filters as and when needed
3) Only new and genuine filters to be used
4) Minimum 12 months contract required
5) Lease plan billed monthly
6) Rates subject to increase
7) No other charges to be levied besides lease fee
8) Lease plan covers all warranty issues
9) 3 months advance payment due on order confirmation

15% discount applied


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