N99 Pollution Mask with Valve (Grey) 100 Pack

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Pack of 100 N99 masks.

Keep out 99% of PM 2.5 with this comfortable Venus mask. This Venus mask is rated FFP3 and conforms to the EN 149:2001 standard, which is equivalent to the N99 NIOSH standard. This mask should last for 3 to 4 weeks with around 3 hours of use per day in Delhi.   CE 0121 Approved. Certified by IFA, Alte Heerstrasse 111, D-53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany. Made in India.

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Do masks actually work? Lots of smart, skeptical people question this. Fortunately, scientists have done the hard work for us! Here’s what their data says for the three most common questions I hear.

Thomas Talhelm, Smart Air Founder


Do masks capture the really small particles?


This is the easiest question to answer. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh tested different masks by running diesel exhaust through them and measuring how many small 0.007 micron particles the masks blocked.


Bottom line: Test data shows masks capture even the really tiny particles.






Do masks work when you wear them?

This question is tougher to answer. You need a $10,000 machine like this one to test it. Our N99 mask was fit tested in a lab in Mumbai, and the results showed the mask was blocking 99.3% percent of particles. Our tests from Beijing and published scientific studies found similar results.


Bottom line: Masks work well even when wearing them.


Read more.: smartair.in/do-pollution-masks-work





How long do masks last?


Mask lifespan data from the real world


Thomas tested a new N99 mask and a mask he had worn for 11 days in Beijing. The new mask blocked 99% of particles; the old mask blocked 98%. This data suggests masks last at least 11 days, not bad! After 2-3 weeks, you’ll probably want to throw the mask away anyway because it gets gross!


Read more: smartair.in/pollution-mask-lifespan




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