Original 1.1 DIY Air Purifier

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The Smart Air Original DIY 1.0 was a simple,  yet effective purifier. We’ve now made some changes to increase performance and safety, and we’re calling it the DIY1.1!

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What’s the Smart Air DIY 1.1 Air Purifier?

We’ve made a simple improvement to the design of the DIY, and it simply works better! We’re calling it the DIY 1.1. It makes the DIY easier, safer, and stronger. Here’s how.

More Effective

We added a side-guard, which focuses more air through the HEPA and creates a higher pressure differential. What does that mean? It means more clean air!

We tested the new design in a 15m2 Beijing apartment and found the DIY 1.1 removed 8% more 0.5-micron particles and 3% more 2.5 micron particles.

Rear guard diy11

We also had a third-party testing lab run CADR tests. In these shorter tests (20 minutes), the difference was even larger—a 15% improvement!

(What is CADR and how is it different from an air purifier airflow? Learn more here »)


The new side guard also helps keep the strap in place. You’re so awesome, you probably didn’t need it anyway, but for dummies like us, it saves us some time fumbling around fitting the strap-on, and avoids the HEPA being knocked off!


DIY strap


We added a safety mesh to the front. That helps protects sneaky fingers and paws from touching the fan blades.

DIY1.1 Safety guard


What’s in the air purifier box?

  1. 1 new and improved DIY 1.1 Fan
  2. 1 HEPA filter
  3. 1 strap
  4. Smart Air Handbook

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 15 x 18 in


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