Prefilter for Original (14 inch)

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This prefilter sticks on to the velcro tabs on the corners of your Smart Air HEPA filter for the Original DIY (black) to prolong the life of your HEPA and trap bigger dust particles.

To be used with: Original DIY air purifiers.

What’s a pre-filter for?

A pre-filter is a kind of filter that captures larger particles like dust and hair. This means the HEPA filter can do what it’s best at: capturing the tiny particles.

The pre-filter goes behind the HEPA filter, and sticks with four velcro strips on to the HEPA. We don’t include pre-filters on the Original DIY because the fan isn’t as strong as the Cannon.

When should I replace my pre-filter?

Once your pre-filter starts to get clogged, it can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your purifier. Be sure to check it frequently, and if it’s starting to look gross like this one, then you’ll want to change it. We try to keep costs as low as possible to make changing them that bit easier.

when to change a dirty pre-filter

We’re in the process of doing tests in our lab to see exactly how long pre-filters last, and whether you can wash them.

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