PuraCar 11 Car Air Purifier

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PurCar 11 Car Air Purifier- The PuraCar-11 is a unique air purifier designed to improve the air inside your vehicle. It combines a HEPA filter, a patented chemical gaseous filter, and a microorganism filter, all in one. It is the only car air purifier designed to eradicate smoke, dust, pollen, allergens, odors, and more than 230 irritant gases such as formaldehyde, ozone, and sulfur dioxide. Using the same proven technology as FDA approved surgical masks; the PuraCar also removes pathogenic bacteria and fungus from the air you breathe. This exclusive, compact air purifier is ideal for cars, large SUVs, and minivans.

The PuraCar-11 can be mounted on the car dashboard, on the center console, or behind the headrest. Reduce the risk of developing allergies and asthmatic symptoms, and ensure that you and your fellow passengers breathe uncontaminated air while commuting. Design: This air purifier has a compact and portable design and can be easily installed on the car’s dashboard in the front or on the parcel tray at the back. One-Touch Control: The purifier features only one button that can be used to perform multiple functions. You can use it to turn the purifier on/off, switch between two built-in speed settings, and also to display the filter-change reminder. Multi-Layer Filtration: The use of Double Layer Active Carbon filter, along with a high-grade HEPA filter removes all PM2.5 particles, as well as other pollutants such as TVOC, dust, cigarette smoke, foul odor, and other toxic gases from the air inside the car. Power Consumption: The device consumes as less as 5 Watts of power under high-performance mode. Safety: This in-car Air Purifier is made from ABS plastic, non off-gassing, recyclable, UV-stabilized so it is safe for use in a moving vehicle.

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