Sqair HEPA & Carbon Filter Set

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)

2,699 incl. Tax

This set includes 1 HEPA filter and 1 carbon filter for The Sqair air purifier.

HEPA filters are what trap small particles like PM 2.5, and they’re not expensive! Read more about how they work on our HEPA fact page.

Carbon filters are used for trapping unwanted smells, toxic fumes, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



How the Sqair cleans your air

Activated Charcoal




Paint odour


H12 HEPA (99.5%)







*The carbon filter is an optional add-on. Not everyone needs carbon, so we let air-breathers choose whether they want carbon or not.

Replace your Sqair  HEPA & Carbon Filter in 6 easy steps

Open up the Sqair

Remove the HEPA filter

Remove the used carbon filter

Insert the replacement carbon filter

Replace the HEPA filter

Place the Sqair upper body back onto the base
Your Purchase Includes 1 × Sqair H12 HEPA filter, 1 × Sqair Carbon filter
Colour White, Black
Dimensions L × W × H (mm)
264 × 264 × 50,  255 × 255 × 11
Weight 280g,  120g
Lifespan Depends on the air quality around you
(3 months for HEPA & 1-3 months for Carbon)

1 review for Sqair HEPA & Carbon Filter Set

  1. 5 out of 5

    Niyati Patel (verified owner)

    Just purchased my refill filters for my Sqair purifier. Very happy with this. I’ve had sqair since June 2021.

    I’ve used other expensive brands before this, and it is a total pain to replace expensive filters I don’t think they were great for an unpredictable Indian environment.
    I’ve been using it in Baroda. It is not a Beverly-polluted city, but there are a lot of huts around where I live and people still burn wood to cook their dinner, so the smoke from the fires comes straight into the house if the windows are accidental; left open.

    And there is the occasional gas release from industrial factories in the city. So the carbon filter has been very helpful. I needed it more for the carbon than HEPA. I’ve noticed a significant difference in when I wake up with the filter on in an AC room. I don’t have any wheezing or hay fever from allergies which I get almost every day. This has totally solved that problem too.

    It is low maintenance and easy. I just use it wherever I need it. I just take it to different rooms. I’ve had formaldehyde off gassing issues and this has sorted me out.
    Would 100% recommend this to everyone! I’ve made all my friends buy this and they are all pleasantly surprised and happy with it too.

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