Ulaanbaatar Winter Air Pollution

Air pollution levels soar every winter in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In 2017, the PM2.5 levels hit over 12 times the WHO annual safe limit for PM2.5. These levels are dangerously unsafe and can cause long term damage to your health. Here’s that trend from Aug – Dec 2017:

How can you protect yourself from air pollution?

Read our guide to protecting yourself from winter air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to learn what you can do to protect yourself.

The tests we’ve performed at Smart Air, and data shows:

  1. Air pollution face masks work to protect us outdoors in Ulaanbaatar
  2. Air purifiers have a positive effect on the health of those living in polluted places like Mongolia.

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Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

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