Cannon DIY Air Purifier


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(English) Get rid of air pollutants using our super awesome Cannon DIY Air Purifier. We’ll send you a Cannon fan, 1 HEPA filter with pre-filter, and an elastic strap. That’s all you need to breathe easy quickly. Please note that there is some assembly required. The legs of the Cannon have to be screwed on and there’s a handy screwdriver in the package. Then the HEPA filter has to be slipped under the elastic strap. Scroll down to see our video that explains the assembly process.


How effective is the Cannon DIY Air Purifier? From our testing, we’ve seen that the Cannon is 96 – 97% effective against PM2.5 in a room size of 300 sq-ft. So the Cannon works in a room twice as large as the Original DIY. The shape of the fan, with a large tube between the fan blades and the HEPA makes much more air go through the HEPA rather than deflect to the side or back.


Click here for the Cannon DIY Assembly Instructions

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Жин 9.5 kg
Хэмжээ 15 x 16 x 17 cm


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