Blast Mini Air Purifier


The Blast MINI was designed to be powerful, cost-effective and quiet. Easy to maintain and hospital-approved. =)

Stocks will be available first week of April, 2020. Will advise once available.

Get your Blast MINI now and send proof of payment to confirm your order! Breathe safe! =)

Your Purchase Includes                                  1x Blast Mini (includes 1x Blast Mini HEPA Filter), 1x Wire cord, 1x Smart Air Handbook

Colour                                                                   White

CADR (m3/h)                                                     340 – 450 – 585 (low – mid – high)

Sound (dB)                                                          43.7 – 48.6 – 52.5 (low – mid – high)

Power Consumption (W)                                64 – 82 (low – high)

Electricity Voltage (V)                                       220 – 240

Recommended Room Size (m2)                   Up to 85

Dimensions L x W x H (cm)                            57.5 x 33 x 63

Technical Specifications

CADR 585cbm/hr (345cfm)
Rated Airflow 1250cbm/hr (735cfm)
Maximum Area 85sqm
Noise levels (low, med, high) 44, 49, 53dB
HEPA lifespan 6–12 months
Equivalent to how many Cannons? 4.3


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