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Air purification in classrooms

Elevated CO2 levels is the current measurement for indoor viral transmissions rates with the natural ventilation as the primary mitigation factor.

However, balancing natural ventilation with reasonable temperatures can be a challenge in the colder months. And if the school is located in a polluted neighbourhood, health issues can arise from long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution. This means that a school has to juggle multiple strategies:

  • COVID strategy
    • class bubbles / face masks
    • opening windows vs thermal comfort / noise
    • monitoring CO2
  • Indoor air quality strategy
    • management of particle pollution including pollen, dust and viruses
    • reducing outdoor air pollutants, including traffic fumes, which finds its way inside even with doors and windows closed
    • chemicals in the air from cleaning products, paint, furnishing, furniture, flooring etc

Focusing on one and not the other can impact the health of teachers and pupils so consider installing portable air purifiers to supplement your ventilation strategy.

A good air purifier will yield excellent results

  • In 2015, a big leak at a natural gas facility in the US resulted in the company paying for air filters in every classroom, office and common area in ALL schools within a five mile radius. After 4 months, Math scores went up by 0.20 and English scores by 0.18 standard deviations. These same results could be achieved by cutting class sizes by 1/3rd
  • London School of Economics studied university students’ test performance relative to air pollution levels on the day of the test alone. Results showed that taking a test in a filtered rather than unfiltered room would raise test scores by 0.09 standard deviations
  • Researchers gave 35 healthy Shanghai university students real or fake air purifiers and tracked several health markers for two days. They found that after 48 hours, the students had significantly lower inflammation in their blood vessels. They also had lower blood coagulation (a marker of blood clotting) and less constricted blood veins
  • In 2018, Goose Green became the first state school in London to install air purifiers in every classroom. They have anecdotal evidence of improvements in asthma symptoms and coughing fits
  • 3 schools in Camden had high PM levels, some up to 40 times greater than WHO levels. Air purifiers were installed in all classrooms. Since installation, staff noticed a decrease in sick absence amongst both children and teachers

HEPA Air Purifiers to Combat Viruses, Allergens and Pollution

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Reduce COVID-19 Transmission In Your Classroom

The CDC recommends HEPA air purifiers like Smart Air’s to lower the spread of COVID-19.

Protect your classroom today with our simple, data-backed HEPA air purifiers.

Why Choose Smart Air for the Classroom

Our focus is on creating the most effective air purifiers driven by data and at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

We believe everyone deserves to breathe clean air.

Smart Air Purifiers



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Schools worldwide use Smart Air purifiers to protect against and reduce COVID-19 transmission.

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