QT3 Portable Air Purifier for Travel

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Our all-new, truly portable air purifier with HEPA filter. The small, lightweight QT3 is designed to provide you with clean and safer air wherever you go! 😀


A truly portable air purifier

The QT3 makes clean air accessible, no matter where you go. Even with its small, compact design, the QT3 packs a HEPA filter that captures nearly all pollutants on one pass.

What’s more, the QT3 purifiers doesn’t contain any ionisers or ozone, unlike other ‘portable’ purifiers on the market.

Breathe clean air on the go, all at an honest price.

Portable air purifier for travel

HEPA Filter: Captures over 95% of viruses, bacteria, PM2.5 and other dangerous pollutants

See air pollution collected in your filter (instead in your lungs) and enjoy breathing good clean air!

Portable air purifier with 800+ hours HEPA lifespan

A portable air purifier… and cooling fan

We designed the QT3 to also be an on-the-go cooling fan. While a normal fan blows dirty air into your face, the QT3 blows clean and safer air. Experience a fan that uses clean air to cool you down.

Portable air purifier that has a fan

Clean air, no limits!

The QT3 is truly portable. Small enough to be taken for travel, the QT3 allows you to breathe clean air while you are out. Enjoy clean air on the go at an incredible price.

Portable air purifier for homes, workplace, hotels and cafes

Small, but mighty,  portable air purifier

The QT3 is small enough to be placed on a small table, but powerful enough to provide a clean air bubble of 1.2m.

Portable air purifier with CADR 40m3/h and HEPA filtration

portable air purifier for travel

Quiet operation

At just 32dB of noise on low, the QT3 provides a comfortable environment to sleep with clean, pollution-free air.


QT3 Technical Specifications

Product manual: Click to view the Smart Air QT3 manual
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

Your Purchase Includes Includes 1 × QT3 travel purifier, 1 × HEPA filter, 1 × USB charger cable, 1 × QT3 product manual
Colour Fresh White + Coffee
Dimensions L × W × H (mm) 150 × 145 × 180
CADR (m3/h) 40 (high)
HEPA Lifespan* 3 months or 800 hrs (4 hrs a day) Beijing air
5 months or 1200 hrs (4 hrs a day) UK air*
Power Consumption 9w (high)
Power Supply 5v DC (USB port)
Safety Certifications CE / C-mark / GB 4706.1-2005; GB 4706.27-2008
Recommended Maximum Useable Distance 1.2 meters
Battery Charge Time (from empty) Approx. 3 hours
Battery life (low–mid–high) Approx. 2 (high), 3 (medium) or 4 (low) hours

* The GBT 18801 standard recommends replacing HEPA filters after effectiveness drops to 50% of its initial value. The lifespan will vary depending on the pollution levels in your city. We conducted lifespan tests in Beijing. We calculated the UK lifespan from W.H.O. air quality data as a rough guideline for users in the UK.

QT3 portable air purifier – FAQs

Can the QT3 be plugged in 24/7?

There are 2 version of the QT3, the home and the travel. Only the travel version is available in the UK and we don’t recommend to leave it permanently plugged in. As with all rechargeable battery electronics, if you leave it permanently plugged in, it will eventually impact the charge time

Can the QT3 travel be used even after the battery is depleted and will no longer charge?

The QT3 comes with a lithium battery which is rated to last at least 300 full cycles of charging and discharging. Similar to most smart phones, we expect the battery to last 2-3 years under normal usage conditions.

After this point, the battery may not be able to hold as much charge as when it was new. However your QT3 will still be useable when permanently plugged in.

Can the QT3 Travel version be used still if we remove the batteries? (to preserve battery life)

It is not recommended to remove the battery from the QT3 Travel. Without the battery installed in the Travel version, you may see unexpected results such as lower airflow or higher current or power usage.

Is the battery on QT3 Travel version replaceable?

Replacing the battery in a QT3 is not possible because of the way it was built in.

Can the QT3 Travel version be brought to the airport?

The travel version has a Latium battery so it can only go into carry-on luggage, but please make sure to check the chosen airline’s baggage policy before the flight.

Why is there a gap between the filter and the vent?

Our tests and data actually show that keeping a small space between the filter and the side wall actually increased clean air and CADR. Removing the gap reduced the purifier’s CADR, so we made a conscious decision to keep a small space to promote air circulation – vital for reducing particulates.

With that said, the space can appear unnerving, especially if you’re concerned about sitting downstream from a COVID carrier. There will be some unfiltered air coming round the gap, so there’s a small possibility that virus particles could be blown towards you. It’s important to know that for COVID protection, the QT3 should be considered one tool in your arsenal for self-protection, much like hand washing or wearing a mask is just one part of the puzzle. If you are concerned that there may be COVID carriers nearby, then we recommend you wear a mask, as they provide the highest level of filtration (although again, they still don’t offer 100% protection).

Why isn’t the CADR shown for medium and low setting?

The reason why CADR for the QT3 isn’t shown on the other settings is that standard (GB-18801) specifies a minimum testable CADR value of 30 m3/h. It’s expected that the QT3 on low and medium would be below this level.

Can the QT3 Travel HEPA purifier be used to clean the air in a bedroom?

The QT3 is a portable air purifier for travel but we ran the test in our offices and it can clean the air in rooms up to 15m2, just slowly – Can the QT3 Air Purifier Clean a Whole Room? Real World Test

Free Guide to Breathing Safe

Want to learn more about protecting your health? Join thousands more and stay up to date on protcting your health.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 17.7 × 17.3 × 24.5 cm
QT3 filter

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4 reviews for QT3 Portable Air Purifier for Travel

  1. 4 out of 5

    James (verified owner)

    Easy to set up and performed quietly in the office, even on the highest setting. Initially ran on a fully charged battery for several hours before needing to plug in. Light and portable. Gave me some extra assurance re: COVID. A colleague said the design reminded her of a vintage handbag! Perhaps Smart Air could look to make the buttons more user friendly for visually impaired people and label the filter replacement light and button so they are more intuitive. Overall a great little product and will hopefully prompt some more awareness of the air cleaning solutions!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jay (verified owner)

    Very easy to use, not noisy. Small and light enough to be held on a lap facing you during medical appointments. Using it in a hospital waiting area gave me the confidence to be there. Good battery life but get a powerbank for longer than 2hrs use.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Gina (verified owner)

    Perfect size, smart looking and light. Good battery life. Can also run using USB C cable. Quiet too. Very quick delivery.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Gary Callard (verified owner)

    We received our QT3 today, much quicker than expected! Very lightweight, and surprisingly powerful for it’s size, perfect for taxi rides, hospital appointments, even just as a cooling fan when the weather calls for it! Comes with USB C cable and can be run from internal battery or a usb power bank. You can’t put a cost on peace of mind. Thanks!!

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