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Just out of curiosity, will the horizontal air flow of the canon and DIY have any say on the quality of output? Most air purifiers suck in air horizontally and blow it out the top. The Canon and DIY both can be made to face whosoever is sitting in the room. While they no doubt bring down ambient air pollution, will pointing them straight at the face help? The air going down the nose is what counts, after all. I am guessing doing so while sleeping might present some advantage over the regular stock?

Marissa S Maxey

Hi, I am really interested in the accessibility of homemade air purifiers to vulnerable populations. Is there any peer reviewed data supporting your findings? Thank you.


Would like to order HEPA and carbon filters, do you have any recommendations for comparable fans to the Cannon that could be purchased in US (Avoiding high international shipping)

martin javil

What is the airflow on the cannon?


Do you have shipment to Russia, Moscow? How much? And what class heppa ? H10-h13?