Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger DIY


Thomas Talhelm

芝加哥大学行为科学系的助理教授; Smart Air创始书呆子。

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  1. Looking forward to ordering a filter and using in Thailand. But…

    Do look you have any data on the decibel level of the two different styles of filter (original and cannon)?

    I have a big bedroom that is about 24 sqm and living room about 38 sqm

    1. Hi Pavel, we can certainly ship to Russia! The HEPAs we use are H12 HEPAs, which means they get at least 99.5% of all particles. Send us an email with what you want to get an estimate for shipping costs to Moscow.

  2. Would like to order HEPA and carbon filters, do you have any recommendations for comparable fans to the Cannon that could be purchased in US (Avoiding high international shipping)

    1. Hey Paul, we’re working on an article to make it easier for people just like yourself to find comparable fans to the Cannon, it should be out fairly soon!

      If you’re in the US, then box fans are a very good option for a cost-effective air purifier, just make sure that the HEPA is bigger than the area of the fan. Stay tuned for that new article on DIY purifiers.


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