Which Cities Have the Best Air Quality in India and Which Are the Most Polluted?




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    • Great to hear that Aslam! We’re always looking for people to join our clean air movement! You can check out our job posting on our job page, or if you’re interested in becoming a clean air guru and sharing knowledge about air pollution to help others protect themselves, check out this flyer then send us an email!

      • Hey Jignesh! We’re actually looking for volunteers to help out fighting the toxic air pollution we’re facing across India right now. If you have time to spare and want to join the Smart Air cause, then check out this tweet for more information!

    • Great question Anoop! Purifiers for vehicle exhausts are something that has been considered before, but to date I’m yet to see any real practical solutions that everyone can afford, and more importantly: that everyone will use. Pollution from cars also only makes up one part of the air pollution problem, there are many more sources of air pollution (like burning of trash, or factories) that we’d also need to solve before we get clean air!

    • Hey Mainak, Good question! The WHO database unfortunately does not have data for Agartala so we were unable to analyse it.

      The AirVisual database has a measurement for Agartala, which shows the current level to be 98µg/m3



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