Is the Molekule air purifier really better than those already on the market? Review

Molekule air purifier review analysis effectiveness




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I bought the Molekule about a year ago, first when we received it we let it run in a small bedroom e… Read more »


Terrible customer service. They will not refund you until you call them at least three times and you will spend an average of 30 mins each time on hold.

Ismail Rosli

Hye.. Is it ok if the air purifier manufacturer saying that their Composite HEPA Filter only needs to be replace once in 10 years. Is it really safe?

Susan Rae Budd

Well, I did believe the hype about the hepa filters and DID purchase a mini $399 molekule. Does it work? Who knows? I really don’t have allergies, pets or smoke so I’m not sure but I have used a cheap-o honeywell with a HEPA for years. Read about this one and got sucked in!


From my own experience, air filters alone are not the answer for allergens, gases and mold. Using a … Read more »