Is the Molekule air purifier really better than those already on the market? Review




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Paul Chrostowski

Thanks for this. You didn’t even get to eh molekule customer service which is really unresponsive. I also had problems with their firmware stability and trying to sell me replacement filters ($130 US annually) that I didn’t need. I am a Ph.D. environmental engineer and really not convinced about these guys. Maybe if they were more transparent.

Tania K

What about those of us living in the U. S?! I went to the website but don’t see US dollars pricing. This article was super informative and very easy to comprehend for laypeople Thanks!

Sandy Furman

I am looking for a filter that neutralizes the odor of marijuana smoke!

Anna Gough

Excellent informative article and well written. My Phd daughter who has chronic allergies quickly sent the link to your reaearch after I had sent her a link to check out this new Molekule air purifier? Sound familiar? Knowledge is power. Keep researching, keep writing, thank you!


Wow, thank you so much for doing this Thomas!