What Is the Best Air Purifier on the Market Today?




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  1. Dear Thomas,

    DO you think it’s effective to put HEPA filters on apartment Air Con?

    Thank you for your help

    • Great question @carlealexis! I’ll answer on behalf of Tom, since I ran some tests from our Beijing lab to test this. There are single sheets of filter material which you can place on air purifiers. What we found was that they do have a measurable effect on reducing indoor PM2.5 levels, but it’s not enough to bring levels right down to safe levels. One thing we did find is that doing this may reduce the ability of the Aircon to lower your indoor room temperature. We’ll have a writeup on this soon!

      • How about installing HEPA car air filters, is it effective? Using a car air purifier is enough or not? Will HEPA car air filter help make it any better or it’s unnecessary?
        Please also review car air purifiers in the maket.

        • Hi Meow! We’ve actually tested car HEPA filters, and there’s some good news – you don’t need them! Read up on whether we really need car air purifiers. Short story: our cars already have powerful air purifiers built in (the AC system). Make sure to run that on high and in re-circulate mode and you should get clean air in your car!


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